Monday, October 31, 2011

Do you know your school nurse?

Do you know how important the school nurse is? If you don't- let me give you the inside scoop- he/she is INCREDIBLY UNBELIEVABLY IMPORTANT!! When I first met the school nurse at my internship, I said a friendly hello, introduced myself, heard her name, and put it in the back of my brain for when a student was feeling sick in the cafeteria in weeks to come. Yet then I saw her in the counseling office, then again in the main office, and then again when the school counselor and I were in HER office. I have come to love this woman; the school nurse is a mother to students from 8:55-3:32pm Monday through Friday. She is kind, supportive and very aware of when someone is actually sick, and when they need to see the counselor (which occurs often). I had no idea the relationship that the school counselor and nurse would have until I was here everyday. They are constantly communicating about students and parents, who has come and gone out of her office and any information that might pertain to the counselor. So, thank you wonderful school nurse for working with and for the students and helping make the school day easier for not only the students, but for counselors as well!