Friday, October 28, 2011

Lunch: THE most important meal of the day!

I hear about students concerns in the counseling room, in the classrooms, and sometimes in the hallways. Yet of all the places in the school, I would have ever thought that I would learn as much as I am as when I am in the faculty break room. My supervising school counselor has instilled in me the great idea of taking advantage of our lunch time. It is incredibly beneficial to eat with the people who are teaching the students you are working with each and every day. We are hearing about issues in the classroom, concerns from the teachers, and the exchange of ideas about interventions that may help children succeed.

This time has been great to get to know the personalities of the teachers as well.  It is nice to see them outside the classroom and hear about their families, and life outside the walls of the school. I had no idea how important lunch was until I started to listen. When I begin working as an official school counselor next year, I will definitely be eating with the faculty- it is the best time to get to know them, and to get to know your students  even better.