Monday, November 14, 2011

How the national news effects a local elementary school

Every single day for the last week when I have turned on the television, the Penn State scandal continues to unfold. When I initially heard of this event, I thought of the victims, their families, and what PSU was going to do to make things right. Yet I thought little of the nation wide implications that this would have on a little elementary school in my area.
Today, I was happily mistaken; the school district sent out emails, talked with the counselors, and had a meeting to discuss the idea of mandated reporting. While we hope/think that this kind of incident at PSU would never happen, unfortunately, it does. It is crucial to have a plan of action and to let EVERYONE and ANYONE know the rules of reporting suspected/witnessed events that could be abusive. From this event that happened hundreds of miles away, an entire school district is reminded of the importance our jobs; childrens' safety must always come first. As this year continues to unfold, I look forward to seeing the connections that occur between the world outside and this small elementary school tucked away in the northeast.