Monday, February 6, 2012

Having a bunch for Lunch!

At the beginning of my internship, I felt that it was very important to get to know the faculty and staff. Lunch was a great place to talk to them as people- not just teachers. Now that I know the wonderful people that teach all our students, I have become a frequent visitor to the second grade. Starting in January, I invited 3-4 second grade students to lunch! We eat in the counseling office and have time to eat and play a short game. I feel that by meeting with a small group, I am really getting to know this grade! I have eaten with half of second grade and am making moves through the other classes to get to dine to each and every one of them! Here is the little reminder that I have in the middle of the table so ALL our little friends know what we expect during lunch. The sandwich poster is something I created last year which could be a good ice breaker if the group does not know one another very well. Enjoy your lunch!


  1. I love this idea! I think that this would be really beneficial to do at the beginning of the year...especially to refresh relationships! I wish I could see the sandwich poster a bit better? What were all your questions?

    1. Thanks Tabitha! You can make up any questions you want! Some of mine are:
      What is your favorite vacation, school subject, food, T.V. show?
      When is your birthday?
      How many siblings do you have?
      Do you have a pet?

      Sorry you can't see it! The bigger I made it, the more blurry it was!