Sunday, February 19, 2012

Proud to be ME week!

It seems like we have been planning for this week since September! "Proud To Be Me" was one of my biggest projects this year and I am thrilled to say that it went well!

P.T.B.M.Day started in 2010 when a young elementary school girl was being teased for her love of Star Wars in Illinois. Her full story is here: Katie's story  She worked through the teasing and came out stronger. We wanted to continue this positive idea of being proud of you by creating a whole week! Here is what it looked like: 

-HATS OFF to me! Wear your favorite hat to school today!
-HEART ME! Wear red or pink in honor of Y-O-U! Happy Valentine ’s Day!
GEAR UP TO BE GREEAAT!! What does your future hold? Wear your favorite school/college shirt, or dress up to show everyone what you want to be when you grow up.
EXPRESS YOURSELF, DRESS YOURSELF!Choose your clothes and wear your FAVORITE outfit that expresses who you are!
Proud to be me Quilt!
Other special events for the week included:
Making our school quilt. We hung all the 400+ patches together to create a school quilt to express our individuality. 
All grade meetings which lasted about 10 minutes in which we read a specific story about positive self esteem and gave the students a time to speak out about how they felt about the week!  
Rubber bracelets that said PROUD TO BE ME! were given to every student in the school to wear proudly!

Reading to 3rd grade!
Overall, I feel that the school did a great job participating and I hope that I can take this idea to school with me next year!