Tuesday, March 13, 2012

G.I.R.L.S group fun!

This week was my first week of my new GIRLS group (Girls In Real Life Situations).  We started the group by listing AS MANY REASONS AS WE COULD about why girls are great! I have to share this list with you because it was amazing the kinds of things they came up with..

In case you can't read all of them, here are few:
Girls are great because...
-we can do flips
-we love Bounce U (local activity center)
-we get to wear dresses, skirts, AND pants!
-we eat (really, really, really) cool food!

This is not to say that boys are great too but the idea of this activity was to get the girls thinking about how great each and every one of them are, and what better way to start then with the fact that they are GIRLS!

Try this for a group and let their ideas flood the board!


  1. I love it!

    p.s- can you do an office tour soon? I would love to see more of your space!

  2. I'm impressed with the amount of counseling props I see just in this photo! Also, I want to make that crayon wreath. Thanks for your blog ideas!