Monday, March 12, 2012


Today I did a lesson in Kindergarten about making new friends. I used puppets and it confirmed for me how helpful they are. I could have easily read one of the many books about friendship, and it would have been effective. Yet by using puppets, it takes ME out of it and puts characters who are going through the same situations in the spotlight. Whether they be animal puppets or people puppets, I feel that using them in the classroom as well as individually with students can take on a whole new meaning for the child and help them see the characters as themselves.


  1. I would love to use puppets next year- but quick question..did you do "voices"? And do you think that good "voices" are important to using puppets? I am kind of insecure about that....

    1. Tabitha! I definitely do the voices! I felt a little strange at first but the more fun I had with it, the more the kids got involved. I would go for it!