Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Formal dining" in 4th grade

I have started eating lunch with the 4th grade as a "Bon Voyage" as they make their way out of the elementary school and onto  the "5-6 School." I wanted to make this meal a little more special and make sure that they had a great time eating with their classmates and the counselors. Some easy ways to make them feel special include:
  •  An "invitation" to lunch instead of just a simple note
  • Centerpiece with a sign to welcome them
  • TWO choices of hand sanitizer (WAHOO!)
  • Name cards 
  • Table Cloths

These simple but extra things made them separate this lunch from all the other lunches that they have had with the counselor before.

As your oldest grade graduates from your school, hopefully you can use these simple ideas to make them feel great!