Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Study advice for license tests (Local, state and national)!

In order to graduate from my program, I  had to take a multitude of tests ranging from a university given comprehensive exam to state exams and then finally (if you chose to ) a national exam. After scouring through Barnes and Noble, online, and it seems everywhere in between, I found two very helpful and useful books that enabled me to do well on my exams.

The first book, Encyclopedia of Counseling has over 1000+ questions to get you ready for the big test. I was able to pick it up when I had 5 minutes or when I had an ample amount of time.

The other book that I found to be useful was the book "Mastering the National Counselors Exam" This had information for every topic and questions to go along with the information.

Hopefully this will help you as you are walking the isles of Barnes and Noble looking for those "A+" books!

Enjoy and good luck!