Monday, July 30, 2012

Beginning before THE Beginning

       Hello sweet summer time! I took a hiatus from the blogging world over the summer but have good news to report on the A-Z blog front: I got a full time elementary school counseling job and will be starting in just a few short weeks! Since my last post, I got married and moved to the wonderful (and hot!) state of Florida, where my hubby and I are settling in to married life!

Some helpful hints for new counselors that have seemed to work for me:
            1. GET IN THERE ASAP! By going in each week during the summer, I have met families/students who were picking up/dropping off forms,etc. I have also met a few teachers and got to know the principal during her slow time of the year.  This is also good for finding your way through the school. I have gotten lost too many times BUT better now than in September when there are 500 other people in the school!
            2.CLEAN UP-The summer has been a great time to clean up (and throw out!) materials and "stuff" that the old counselor left behind. When the school year starts, counselors do not to be alone in their room- they want to be out meeting people,forming relationships, etc.
            3..NETWORK- By meeting as many people as I can, I am getting a pulse on the school, before it has even started. If you have 1 or 2 days before the staff comes in, any extra time will help!
            4..DO YOUR RESEARCH- By Being in  not only a new school, but a new state, there are tons of laws/information that are different from my other school/state. I have been reading all about the Florida school system and the unique acronyms that they use. While I still have A LOT more to learn, this is hopefully curb my transition.

ANY more suggestions are welcome! I want all the advice I can get!

There will definitely be more to come from A-Z but for now this Sunshine state girl is off to enjoy her last days of sweet summer time.