Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Ribbon Week! We vote NO for drugs!

Goodness Gracious! I have been thinking about this blog and ideas to post, but have not hit the button to submit and publish these stories!

Last week was Red Ribbon Week at school and we had a great turn out! I was thrilled to see so many teachers and students participate.

This is how our week looked:

Monday-Walk the Red carpet!  Wear Red to kick off Red Ribbon Week!
Tuesday- “I am a JEAN-ious, I Don''t Let Drugs Sneak Up On me!" Wear sneakers and jeans to school!
Wednesday- Sock It To Drugs Day" wear the craziest socks you can find!
Thursday- “Living Drug-Free Is No Sweat” day with everyone wearing sweatpants/sweatshirts to school.
Friday- “Be a Star- Don’t do drugs!” Wear your school shirts to school and dress in blue and yellow!

This is how our students got involved:

·       1. Essay Contest- done at home, or at the teachers discretion during school "Why is it important to NOT do drugs?"
2. Poster contest -  Students use 8 1/2 by 11inch  piece of paper and can use one of the slogans from above or create their own.

Our quilt of "What we do instead of drugs!"
·      3.  Quilt- each child will make a patch to put on the quilt. On each diamond, we asked the students “what do you do instead of drugs?” They had teh choice to draw or write what they do and it is now hung in the Cafeteria!  
       4. Our PTA was kind enough to give out candy with anti-drug sayings!

Throughout the hallways, we hung up the posters!
The winners of the Poster contest- hung outside Cafeteria!