Monday, December 17, 2012

How pure is pure?

On Friday, the halls and classrooms were filled with laughter, cupcakes, and crafts as the students got ready for their winter break. I was busy running from classroom to classroom visiting my friends (I call all students my friends, because let's be serious, they are!)  and wishing them a happy, healthy, winter break and new year. As I walked back in to the front office to check my email between parties, my principal pulled me into her office and away she clicked on her screen. CNN has posted in huge letters that over a dozen CHILDREN had been shot and killed...As tears filled all our eyes, and the panic filled my heart, you can't help but feel such deep sorrow for what our world has become.

It makes me wonder how such a pure, pure place could have such havoc and pain in a matter of minutes. Not one good thing has come of this massacre, but it is bringing attention to the importance of mental health in America. Just as we go to the medical doctor for a yearly check up, maybe we should think about getting emotional help when we need it to.

I pray for the future of this country, the future of mental health, and for these families as they mourn the loss of the most wonderful people on earth: children.