Wednesday, February 27, 2013

STEPPIN' out for FCAT!

Being in the Florida education system, I have grown to know 4 special letters that mean the world to each and every school in the state: FCAT. This is our state standardized test that is given each spring starting in 3rd grade. The 4th grade writing portion of the test was given yesterday and to pump up the kids to do well, our school brought in the high school step team. WOW! They were amazing. Not only had they practiced and done a phenomenal performance, they also were professional, kind, and mature- great role models for our little ones. This resource was completely free and did a few things:
1. We saw how incredibly gifted these girls are step.
2. Our Students got to see an activity that they could get involved in when they enter high school
3. The high schools girls were modeling for them dedication, passion, and commitment- something that many young adults have not mastered yet.

My principal did a great job of using our resources to benefit both parties and I want to continue to think of the people in our neighborhood who can role model for others what their future could hold!