Saturday, May 18, 2013

Junior Achievement Day

Back in October I started investigating organizations outside of school that might be beneficial for our students. I came across Junior Achievement and was very impressed. Between October and now, we have worked together to organize about 50 volunteers from Florida Blue to visit our school and present 5 "mini" lessons to our students. They learned about their city, their region, or their nation- depending on what grade they were in. Each activity was interactive, hands-on, and tons of fun for the students.

The president of JA was able to attend, and stated it perfectly for the children's ears, "You will go home today and tell Mom and Dad that you did NO work today, but learned a lot!" This is exactly what they left with. They were able to learn about vocabulary, adult concerns in the community, and proper planning to make the most efficient city/region/nation that is possible.  Take a look at the link below and see for yourself how great of a program this is!