Friday, June 7, 2013

Meet Ginger!

Dogs. Big. Small. Skinny. Not so skinny. I love them all. They are a man's best friend and have a 6th sense for emotions. When you need some extra love, they are always there to give a lick, a bark, or a friendly. tail wag. The Pawsitive Pets Program has recently come to our school and I cannot think of a better image than watching children read to a dog as she/he sits there, wagging it's tail, enjoying a little TLC. The program is put together by R.E.A.D. Program of North East Florida and the Pet Assisted Therapy Services and I am so thankful for their hard work and dedication to education and love for animals.

Ginger comes to school once a week and spends time with some of our readers that are experiencing some anxiety and frustration while reading. The best part about Ginger is that she never interrupts them, never makes fun of them for mispronouncing a word, or judges them for their reading abilities. Each student gets about 20 minutes to read any book they want to Ginger and practice their reading skills.

It is one of the most amazing programs that I have seen and the children are absolutely LOVING their time with Ginger.  Please check out the website and see for yourself how beneficial this could be for your students!