Monday, July 8, 2013

Counselor Academy

What a week! Being the twenty-second largest district in the country has its perks but I think this event takes the cake for counselors. 50 counselors from elementary, middle and high schools in the county got together for 5 days in June and went to town on learning new ways to improve our program!

The head of guidance pulled some serious strings and managed to get Mark Kuranz- the current ASCA director of Professional Development, and a past president of ASCA, as our main speaker. He shared his ideas on the ASCA model, how to implement it in our schools and what to look for when managing data. We even got these 2 books to help us out that I am able to reference often!

Some of the things we created were a month by month calendar of events and programs we plan to do and 
multiple "closing the gap" goals that we would like to accomplish for the next school year. We also talked about struggles that we all are experiencing and got to talk with others about how to try to fix those issues.

I am wondering if any other district/county does this? If so, what is yours like?
June Vs. August
Whole group Vs. Elementary, Middle and High
 Out of state speakers Vs. Using our own counselors as speakers

There are so many ways that this can be done, and I would love to hear your opinions! 

I will be posting later about specific goals I have for this next school year but until then, have a great week! 

Your Floridian chick