Monday, August 26, 2013

Attendance Bulletin Board

Happy NEW year!

It is a beautiful thing to be back at school, seeing old faces, meeting new faces, and getting back into the swing of things. With that being said, I have come back to school with a change of heart towards my attendance issue. I decided to have a theme for attendance this year "Thanks for "BEEING" here! I have a new plan in action and wanted to get the word out about the importance of attendance. Not sure if you can completely see see the details but we have listed all the attendance meetings dates, as well as the district policy for attendance! Hopefully this help help people SEE how crucial good attendance is!

Fingers crossed they'll be here!,
Your Floridian Chick 

Easy DIY #SCChat

For quite sometime, I've known that I talk with my hands... often. I know I am not alone in this, especially when It comes to students and young people. They need something to occupy their hands while they try to talk out their issues or concerns, I created " conversation clay" to offer to students who come to my room as a way to get them to start a new conversation.

Hope you link this idea and can use it in your room!

Chatting away,
 Your Floridian chick:) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grand Finale of Goals: Number 3- Academic

I am MOST excited about this one!

Goal:  For 4th grade retained students and have D’s or F’s in the first 9 weeks, have a small group for organizational skills.

Target Group:  The students with a prior retention in 4th grade who receive a D or F in reading or math at the end of the first quarter will decrease by 50 % at the end of the second, third, and fourth quarters based on their report cards grades.

Data Used to Identify Students: Report Cards

ASCA Standards:

1.A:A3.1 Take responsibility for their actions
2. A:B1.1 Demonstrate the motivation to achieve individual potential
3. PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes and beliefs

Identify students who have been retained in the 4th grade, and are continuing to struggle in the first 9 weeks with D or F grades- meet with them each week to work on organizational skills for class work and homework.

School supplies if students cannot afford or buy their own. 

Perception Data: personal teacher report and report card 

This will not start until the second quarter, but I feel that this will give me time to get acclimated to the school year before I bring on this project. 

As always: Any suggestions?

Excitedly yours,
Floridian Chick 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Staff treats!

As the school year starts, the staff has so much to do- between cleaning, prepping, scheduling, and more- I brought in a little treat for each person on our roster! 

Sugared up, 
Your Floridian chick! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Year Long Goals: Number 2!- Behavior focused

This goal focuses on behaviors of students:
Goal:    Decrease the number of 2.01 referrals coming from 5th grade boys by 50%.

Target Group: Based on 2013-2014 discipline report, 13 rising 4th and 5th grade boys reported to have gotten more than one referral, and having at least one referral as a 2.01 violation (2.01 violation is “Failure to follow directions relating to safety and order in class, school, school-sponsored activities, or on the school bus.).

Data Used to Identify Students:  Student Discipline Summary Report inputted by the CRT.


1.A:A3.1 Take responsibility for their actions
2. A:B1.1 Demonstrate the motivation to achieve individual potential
3. PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes and beliefs

For 6 weeks, a small group of students will meet at the end of the day at approximately 2:00-2:30 where we will increase the knowledge and skills for positive behaviors in the classroom. 

Resources needed:
Small group curriculum for positive behaviors in the classroom.
Incentive for completing group- May be tangible or intangible- depending on interests of the students. 

Who is involved:

Thirteen  4th and 5th grade boys broken up into 2 groups. 

Perception Data:
Pre and post Surveys of teachers asking about students behaviors, and student discipline  summary report

What do YOU do for your students who are having a difficult time in the classroom behaviorally?

Practicing Patience,
Your Floridian Chick

Friday, August 9, 2013

Love to our full-timers!

During our summers "off", there are a few  employees that work tirelessly to finish up the last year, and then do all the behind the scenes work for the upcoming school year. I visited school today to drop off some treats and check in. 

What other ideas do you have to share for the 12 month employees that you can give to make them feel extra loved? 

Blueberry loved,
Your Floridian chick

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Buy shoes to help your students!

 Getting ready for the school year means tons of shopping for supplies, setting up shop, and doing a deep clean of that office but it also can mean buying some new clothes/accessories to start your year off fresh.

I had seen this before made out of a cute little box, so I made it my own, put some pretty, calming paper on it, and  TA-DA! The worry box is complete.

Basically I HAD to buy the shoes in order to make the box ( yes, I am trying desperately to justify this purchase- go with me on this one).

 Students who are stressed or anxious about something can write down their concern, pop it in the box, and let go of their unwanted feeling.  Hopefully you can use some of your own retail therapy to help out students who might need to get something off their chest! 

Too hot outside not to shop, 

Your Floridian chick! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Year LONG Goals: Numero Uno- Attendance!

With the start of the school year JUST around the corner, I decided to share my goals. This is in part to share with the blogging world who might take some ideas away from this, but also to hold myself accountable. The more I post and share these goals, the more likely I am to be thinking about them throughout the year and trying to accomplish them.  I will be sharing one a week since they are filled with lengthy information!

1. Goal:    Reduce the number of absences by 50% for students who have 20 or more absences.

Target Group: Based on the 2012-2013 school year, there were 16 students with 20 or more absences. I will be focusing my efforts on decreasing the number of students with 20 or more absences by at least 50 %.

Data Used to Identify Students: The attendance records inputted by the CRT during the 2012-2013 school year.

ASCA Standards:
A:A2.2  Demonstrate how effort and persistence positively affect learning.
A:A3.1  Take responsibility for their actions
A:B1.4  Seek information and support from faculty, staff, family and peers.

Activities involved:

1.During planning week (August 2013), call the 16 families from the 2012-2013 attendance record, and explain that their student had excessive absences, and this school year, they will be closely monitored.
2.Monthly AIT (Attendance intervention team) meetings with guardian, parent, attendance coordinator, and student.
3.Attendance record sheet for each teacher to fill out for absent students.
4. Attendance treats every 9 weeks for students with perfect attendance and 2of less tardies.

 Resources needed:
1. Parent contact information
2. Record Sheet from Teachers
3. Money to buy incentive for each student with perfect attendance each 9 weeks. 

 I am itching for more advice and/or ideas on how to improve attendance. 
If you have anything- please share!

With love and attendance,
Your Floridian Chick!