Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Buy shoes to help your students!

 Getting ready for the school year means tons of shopping for supplies, setting up shop, and doing a deep clean of that office but it also can mean buying some new clothes/accessories to start your year off fresh.

I had seen this before made out of a cute little box, so I made it my own, put some pretty, calming paper on it, and  TA-DA! The worry box is complete.

Basically I HAD to buy the shoes in order to make the box ( yes, I am trying desperately to justify this purchase- go with me on this one).

 Students who are stressed or anxious about something can write down their concern, pop it in the box, and let go of their unwanted feeling.  Hopefully you can use some of your own retail therapy to help out students who might need to get something off their chest! 

Too hot outside not to shop, 

Your Floridian chick!