Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting creative with ways to see our students!

It seems that each different quarter of the year has its own challenges and hoops to jump through. The beginning of the school year is filled with unfamiliar faces, scattered schedules, and meetings galore. With that said, Iit is difficult to see our students during the school day!

We have an after school program at our school called Extended Day (very creative, I know!).  I decided to sign up for this program to help my own guidance program out even a little bit. Each day I spend from 3:00pm-5:00om with about 120 of our students. During this time, I can meet with them individually, in small groups and in their classroom. It adds a little bit more to my day, but it also makes the regular school hours SO much less hectic, and gives me the opportunity to get to know our students even more!

What do you do to make your day less hectic?

A little less stressed,
Your Floridian chick!