Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Home.. SICK...

OH the plans we make for ourselves!

Each Friday afternoon, I create my calendar for the following week and post it outside my room, and then on the bulletin board in my office, so I can adjust throughout the week. Little did I know that I would be feeling less than 100% just hours later and my plans would not come into fruition.
I am home.. It is a Tuesday afternoon and the hustle and bustle of life at school continues on with or without me. It has got me thinking about our role as school counselors:

There are millions of jobs that will allow the employer to work "virtually"/work outside the office. Yet with this job, it is ALL about face to face, being present, and being available. There are not many jobs like ours, and I am slowly learning how this can be a blessing.. and curse!

The blessing is that when you are not at school, your body has the opportunity to actually REST! Yet when I am missing our faculty, staff, and students, there are only so many emails and so much planning you can do.

ANY suggestions on how to keep up with the work when you're not there?!

Slowly but surely,
Your Floridian sleeper