Monday, October 14, 2013

My perspective of teaching

After seeing these teachers each and every day, I have come to the conclusion that when they get their teaching degree, they should also get a degree in drama as well.

Yes, I said DRAMA.

These teachers get on their "stage" each morning and for 7-8 straight hours; they talk, share, demonstrate, and lead their students on their specific subject.  They are on their feet, moving 100 miles a minute trying to hold the attention of 25 students who EACH have their own wants and needs.They essentially are putting on a day long play for their "audience", and do everything they can to get a their standing ovation at the end of the day (this comes in the form of high test scores and conduct grades).

This job as a teacher is so much harder than one would think. They spend hundreds of dollars of their own money each August to make their rooms beautiful and bright. They spend hours prepping for the class as a whole, and then spend hours prepping for specific children who have special accommodations.

I go into each classroom for 30 minutes each week and "perform" my guidance lessons. I might do 5 lessons a day- at most- and even after that- I feel I have exhausted my energy.

I don't know how you do it, but you do it. So thank you for being a wonderful actor/actress and putting on a phenomenal show each day! YOU are appreciated!