Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time Capsule!

It is funny how time works.. one minute you are the student, then the next you are the teacher.. or counselor in my case. When our school opened, I was still a student! The first "graduating" class of DBE are just a few years younger than me, but I feel very removed from the year 2002 and what life was like then. In addition to our reading kick off, flag raising, and retirement party dedication, we figured we might as well throw in another event to go along with our theme of the year "Learning takes you places". We opened up the time capsule to find hilarious objects, including a LARGE "cell phone"- which really looked like a house phone, a list of the top 10 movies, TV shows, and games of the year. Our school song was discovered, a newsletter from our first month of the opening of the school, and a price list of lunches offered.

In some ways, life has changed 180 degrees, and in other ways, it seems that time has stood still and that DBE is just as it was in 2002.

Does your school have a time capsule? We will be filling ours again this school year and I would LOVE some ideas on what to put in it! What do you think of when you think of 2013-2014?

Time traveling away,
Your Floridian chick!