Sunday, October 27, 2013

2nd annual County Conference

I think I am still on a high from this past Friday and have been dying to get to the computer to tell YOU all about it!  Our county had it's second annual counselor's conference at a local university. The conference consisted of counselors from our entire county in elementary, middle and high schools, all coming together to share ideas and strategies to help our students. Our day started off with a message from our superintendent, followed by great keynote speaker! Between the hours of 9-2:25,over 200 people spent 4 sessions with 8 different speakers each time slot, to share their expertise and knowledge about a variety of topics (32 choices is a beautiful- but difficult thing!).

After 2 sessions, we stopped for lunch and resource fair. Check out the list to the side- we had so many different organizations share their information and I know I am not the only one already plotting ways to get their organizations into our schools!After some wonderful Jimmy Johns, we headed back to the classrooms and got to enjoy 2 more sessions before calling it a day!

I was fortunate to be a very small part of this day, helping on the committee. I really enjoyed the "behind the scenes" aspect and would definitely recommend to any new or tenured counselors to join in on the next conference you attend.  Well that is all for now, I will keep you posted about more conference material I come across later in the week! Thanks for stopping by!
Special thanks for all the counselors who helped make today possible!!

Any suggestions on what makes a conference great? Let me know!

Soaking up the knowledge,
Your Floridian chick!