Monday, October 21, 2013

Inexpensive Finds!

5 years ago if you had asked me to be a scavenger in a Goodwill or thrift store, I would have politely declined the offer. I cannot say that I used to do my regular shopping at these stores, but times have changed and they are my new favorite place.

During a recent visit to a Goodwill store, I came across tons of games that I could use for counseling.  Candyland and Operation do not exactly scream counseling services to me, but with the right imagination and tweaking, these $1.99 games have changed up my brief counseling sessions for the better and gave me a little more to work with.

I highly recommend checking out these places to find great deals on games and toys that are normally 10x more $$ in the Toys R Us.

Saving money as we go,
Your Floridian chick:)