Sunday, November 3, 2013

RAMP it up!

One of the sessions I was fortunate enough to attend during our county conference was about getting your own program RAMP certified. In the counseling world, RAMP means your program would be a Recognized ASCA Model Program. This is a HUGE deal and is incredibly difficult to attain. 2 of our counselors from a nearby elementary school received RAMP last year and were willing to share with us what the process is and how much work truly goes into it! This is something that I am looking into and felt very lucky to hear from current RAMP counselors about their trials, errors, and successes during their application.

 I am curious though, what is the difference between RAMP certification, NBCC certification, and NCC certification? I would love some advice on pros and cons of each and how to decide on which to pursue.

Any counselors have any expertise?

Excitedly pursuing,
Your Floridian Chick