Sunday, January 12, 2014

Advocacy in our community

This past Friday goes down in the books as one of the more wild mornings we have had in a while. Our school was nominated by parents to win "Cool School of the week" on our local news station. A large group of students got to school bright and early and production time went into high year. They filmed 4- one minute clips featuring our music program, safety patrols, gifted program, and our very own morning  news production team. While 4 minutes clearly is not a long amount of time, it took over 2 hours to practice and record everything!  It was a great event that students really enjoyed and were proud of.

BUT, it got me thinking about advocacy...promoting what you do or what others do and letting the world know what is great about it. As school counselors, it is critical that we advocate for ourselves. The "Cool School" event advocates for great schools who are trying their best and working hard to achieve their goals. I want to put it out there and see what you all are doing:

What advocacy do YOU do in your community for people who do not have a child at your school, or work in the school system? How does your community know you exist?

what it is with kids and Krispy  Kremes?!
For me, honestly, I am starting to wonder.. does my community know what I do? How can I get the word out there that we are NOT guidance counselors, that we do not sit at our desk all day with a cup o' joe, and we do more than paperwork?!

Can't wait to hear answers and/or to get you wondering the same thing!

Learning new ways to advocate,
Your Floridian Chick!