Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Accountability Goals- February!

I told you I would be reporting- honestly- about my January goals, so here they are! To recap, I wrote these goals during winter break to hold myself accountable.

1. Start the  Speak Up Be Safe in our seven  4th grade classrooms.
2. Finish lunch bunch with three 5th grade classes
3. Start the SS GRIN small group for my 3rd grade boys.

1. 4 weeks of  Speak Up Be Safe have been completed! The kids love these lessons and it really is so important to share this difficult information with them.
2. Lunch bunch: in 99 school days, I ate lunch with every single child in the school - 526 to date! It is safe to say that I am full!
3. I have started SS GRIN and am on week 3 of 10! I wish I had started it earlier in the year, but at least it has been started!

February Goals:
1. Continue SS GRIN for every Thursday in February
2.  Start Ready to learn in 3rd grade for the 10 3rd grade classrooms we have.
3. Start at least ONE lunch bunch group for a specific group of students (thinking girls for behavior?).

WAHOO! Here is to the month of love- love for this job, this school, and love for eating lunch!

Floridian Love,
Your Chicka!