Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pep Rally Time!

During the last week in February, the state requires us to test 4th graders in their writing ability. The teachers work very hard from day 1 of school to teach about the types of writing, author's purpose, how to write an interesting, informative, or expository story, and how to capture your audience. The students have been practicing writing prompts around the clock and they were fully prepared to do well. In addition to getting them ready in the classroom, we had a 4th grade only pep rally!  I posted about this last year but I think it is important to change things up every single year- for our own sanity as teachers/counselors, but also to keep things fresh and exciting!

Here is how it all went down!:

  • Students came in to the Middle School band playing
  • Welcome from our principal 
  •  Band plays song
  •  5th grade girls doing a cheer for our 4th graders.
  • Skit put on from our leadership team which included a game show where the contestants shared goofy answers about the writing process.
  •   Band played again as students exited the cafeteria. 
The students could have easily spent this 30 minute period doing another practice prompt- but instead they got to relax, laugh, and see their administration do some crazy things.

I love hearing about ways to make Pep Rally events more exciting and interesting- please share here if you've done anything great at your school! The more ideas- the better!

Playing Cheerleader,

Your Floridian Chick:)