Friday, February 14, 2014

Principal Counselor reception to celebrate #NSCW14!

During National School Counselor Week 2014, the First Coast Counselor Association held their spring event to honor those principals and counselors who have gone above and beyond for their students. The event was held at a local university from 5-7pm on Wednesday night. FCCA offered tasty appetizers, and recognized one counselor and one principal from different schools in our district. The Monique Burr Foundation helped sponsor the event and Lynn, the executive director spoke about the importance of mental health- this is a wonderful organization and will be posting about them in the weeks to come!

Our guest speaker was one of our school board members speak about how crucial the relationship is between counselor and principal. Personally, I feel that I cannot do my job to the full, without the support of my principal.

It was a wonderful opportunity for principals and counselors to sit OUTSIDE the school walls and enjoy time together. My principal and I got to chat about our lives, laugh a little and eat some treats- one of my favorite activities!:)

A school board member sharing her view of why counseling is great!