Monday, March 10, 2014

February results, March goals!

My promise in 2014 was to set monthly goals for myself for my school. So the results are in! Let's take a look:

1. Continue SS GRIN for every Thursday in February
2.  Start Ready to learn in 3rd grade for the 10 3rd grade classrooms we have.
3. Start at least ONE lunch bunch group for a specific group of students (thinking girls for behavior?).

1. I am continuing to do my boys SS GRIN group each Thursday in the extended day program. This has been a great way to see more kids and not feel the pressure to get them back to class by a specific time. 
2. I completed 4 of my 5 guidance lessons ism 3rd grade. This week I am trying desperately to fit in the  last group of lessons this week between district meetings and RTI meetings.
3. I did start 2 small groups for girls. We meet during their lunch time and I kept them to 5 girls each. I forget  each time I do a group how much I absolutely love them. They are the perfect way to connect with these students. 

Now for that month of March: I have to admit I have a few obstacles..
1. spring break- 1 full week 
2. district testing- 6-7 school days
3. ESOL testing ( state tests we have to give to students who speak a language other than english at home) 4 school days 

BUT-enough with the bad, let's get to the good!

1.Finish my 2 girls groups
2. Finish the SS GRIN boys groups
3.Start 2 more lunch bunch groups

Here's to working through obstacles, and making moves!

Your Floridian chick