Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First ever- Coffee with the counselor!

Well this has been on my "Amanda- set a date and make this happen" list for a long time now!

I started by inviting parents in our monthly newsletter and followed up by sending home 1/2 sheet invitations to parents/guardians the week before the event.

I called surrounding donut/breakfast shops in the area until I hit the jackpot- FREE Dunkin Donuts!  Our PTA had a connection at a local Starbucks and was able to pick up a container of coffee at NO cost to serve to our parents. The phone calls went like this: Hi I am calling from your local elementary school, I am the school counselor with a zero dollar budget, but would like to give parents a little breakfast for coming out to participate in a program. I was SO thrilled to see the community support us and thankful that I got to connect with different vendors- even those we did not use.

Each table had different resources
I had 6 tables full of information as you can see in the pictures: 3rd, 4th, 5th grade guidance curriculum, character education materials, small group curriculum, and a table on a local resource center.  On the 5th grade table, I also included information about middle schools.

We had about 15 parents show up- 15 more than there ever has been before! While it was not a huge turn out- it was a great start; it gave me the push I needed to have more parent activities and to get my name and resources out to our community!

Lovin' the smell of coffee, just not the taste!

Your Floridian Chick!

ALWAYS send a thank you card before the day is done!