Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tackle the Test Spirit Week!

It is THAT time of year again folks- testing that is.. In order to prepare for the test, we had an FCAT (Florida Comprehensive  Assessment Test) Spirit week to pump up our kiddos! Our theme was "Tackle the test" and we will filled each day with different dress up outfits, activities, decorations throughout the school, and finished it off with a pep rally (next weeks post)! Our week went like this:

·        Monday: “Tackle the Test” Dress in your favorite football gear

·        Tuesday: “Knock the FCAT Out of the Park” Baseball attire

·        Wednesday: “Color Wars” each grade level is assigned a designated color to wear (Red, White and Blue)

·        Thursday: “Sprint to the Finish” Wear your running gear

·        Friday: "Bobcat Pride" Wear school colors
I will be the first to say that I am definitely a t-shirt and shorts kind of girl and any chance I have to wear relaxed clothing to school- I am ALL for it!

     As the "school cheerleader", I feel that it is important to let the students know how far they have come, and all the hard work they have invested since August. So I sent out an email the week before to ask if any teachers wanted me to visit their room for a quick 20 minute lesson to encourage them, and to go over some test taking strategies, as well as ways to calm down and relax.  I made it to every room and the kids seemed to like it- my voice on the other hand.. was a different story. 

Here were the standards I focused on for this lesson:
American School Counselor Association Standards:
A:A1:3- take pride in work and achievement
A:C1:6-Understand how school success and academic achievement enhance future career and vocational opportunities.
PS:A1:1- Develop positive attitudes toward self as a unique and worthy person
PS:B1.2- Understand consequences of decisions and choices.
PS:B1.9- Identify long and short term goals. 

It was a great week and the kids were definitely feeling the love that their teachers had for them. Thinking about next year, I will definitely offer classroom visits again, and I would also like to make it a priority to be on the announcements each morning. I only made it a few mornings, but I think it is important to show my school spirit. 
I sent this out the week before our spirit week as a reminder!

Your Floridian Chick!