Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why are you HERE?!

Annie and I going through her entire closet!!.

For spring break, I escaped the Florida sun to visit a very wonderful friend of mine, Annie. She and I spent 4 years living together as roommates in college, and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding; if we are being honest here, she has really become more of a sister than anything else.

The reason I share this personal story is because in early August 2013, she suffered a brain Aneurysm- was in a coma, eventually woke up, and is learning to live again.  During my visit, I truly saw passion for living. 

It got me thinking about what I am passionate about: what makes me move, run and search for new answers, drive myself to do better, and what has me thinking outside the box in terms of this career. WHY am I HERE doing this job?!

Our job can be bogged down with so much paperwork, duties, and other tasks that take us away from why we chose this career. When I sat down and thought about what I was passionate about- it came down to two things in this job: The Kiddos- they are hilariously witty, blunt, honest, and think of life in a pure, refreshing way, that adults simply do not. The other passion in this job for me is the Teachers. We have the neat ability to work with adults and children and help foster and build relationships all day long. Their job is incredibly difficult-the individual demands of 25+ people at a time. How do they do it- and for 8 hours a day!?

Annie chose to work for Google and do video editing- to hear her talk about her "pre aneurysm" life and her job, it brought me to this realization that we can complain all day long about the tasks we are "voluntold" to do, but really, we should be thankful to have this wonderful job and career, and think about all the possible relationships we can create when we are ...standing at bus duty.. in the cafeteria.. greeting in the morning...etc.  I am sure that Annie had some stressful parts to her job too- but I never heard anything negative from her. What a gift- only looking at the positives.

If nothing else, this life is crazy and you just don't know what it has it store for us- if you are not living out your passion, go find it- because if you don't do it today- there is a chance you might not ever get it.

With tons of love for "our Annie" and her living her life,

Your Floridian Chick