Monday, May 5, 2014

Pep Rally!

520+ student- 50 staff members-1 cafeteria- ready to Tackle the Test

Here is the itinerary of the Pep rally and how it all unfolded!

2014 FCAT Pep Rally Itinerary

1:50-2:00  Music playing while students enter cafeteria
(Curtains closed)
2:00  Welcome from Principal
(Curtains open to tape)
2:05-2:10  Play song "Happy”- Dancers begin to dance their way onto the stage
2:10-2:15  Dance “What Does the Fox Say?” play song
(Curtains close; Screen goes down; Lights go off)
2:15-2:20 Slide show plays
(Screen goes up; Curtains open; Lights come on)
Introduce the skit
2:20-2:30 Skit
2:30-2:35 Closing and Chants by Counselor
Play exit song as students leave cafeteria

Chants to use:
When I say TACKLE, you say THE TEST
When I say BOBCAT, you say PRIDE
When I say DON, you say BREWER

It was a LOUD but wonderful event! They can be a little crazy but when they are kept short and run with a specific itinerary, they are effective!

Ringing ears,
Your Floridian Chick!