Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here we go-14-15

And just like that.. summer is over, the school year is beginning, and the halls are crowded again. This year we have new leadership in the building, and as they say- the only thing constant in this world is change. We have had a pretty good amount of change to the building over the summer and I feel that it is crucial, now more than ever, to play cheerleader and rally the troops. In high school I was never a cheerleader, but have learned a few "moves" over the last few years:

1. Be Positive. If you start to complain, others will think it is OK to follow..

2.Things will go wrong from time to time.. figure out at least one take away from it.. you must  have learned something from the experience, and share it with your team/faculty.

3. Have a sense of humor.. This picture is posted outside my room (Mean Girls joke), and when people walk by after a long meeting, I can hear them laugh in the hall when they read it.. a little humor each day is a sanity saver!

4.Plan events outside of the classroom for your faculty. I think the better rapport we build, the harder people will work for one another. This could be exercising after school, a welcome back party, eating lunch together, etc. DO something fun!

Who knows what this year will bring but I feel optimistic for great things and I wish you the best as you start back to school!

Ready for fall,
Your Floridian Chick!