Monday, February 23, 2015

Anchored in Success!

Agenda for the night!
School Board member
What a great event! The First Coast Counseling Association had our annual Principal Counselor Reception at Jacksonville University last week. We had one of our school board members, Dr. Constance Hall, share with us the importance of school counselors in education. She is a wonderful advocate for us and even told us to call/email ALL our school board members and advocate for ourselves as they go through budgets for future years! How crazy is that?! 
our Amazing team, anchored in Success

Photo Booth
 We had some great food, drinks, and even a photo booth for our counselors and administrators to snap a few shots of life outside school (wahoo!). We also give out 2 awards at this event- one for an exceptional administrator, and one to an amazing counselor. Each of these individuals go above and beyond to help our students every day. The administrator that was selected has their counselors have a caseload of 250 students each- the ASCA national model recommendation! I wish we could all have an administrator that would fight for us the way she fought for her counselors! It was such an inspiring night and it gave me a burst of energy as I think about the future of my program.

Here's to great people doing great things,
Your Floridian Chicka!