Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Giving color to our emotions

Since coming back to school in 2015 I have started a few groups focusing on expressing ourselves and our emotions. The lesson I did recently shows me the depth and creativity of children and how beautiful relationships and counseling can really be. I have been using bits and pieces from a program called "Seeing Red"... It's a wonderful jump off point for expression and emotion activities! 

The word of the day was anger. I asked them to use this puzzle and think about things that have ever made them angry. I then asked them to assign a color to each topic that made them angry.  I got some pretty intense and deep answers though such as "memories make me angry, my dead family member makes me angry, the thought of a certain classmate makes me angry". Once the kids started sharing, it was amazing to see how they related to one another. Sometimes I forget how powerful a small group really can be.  The other pictures show where they get angry on their body. I love self expression.. I do all the activities too, and I have to admit, they make me feel better every time!

Hopefully you can start a small group at your school soon and talk about emotions and expressing yourself. It is a skill that many adults do not have and I really feel like it can change relationships when we start really talking about how we are really feeling.

Feelin' gooood, 

Your Floridian chick:)