Monday, March 30, 2015


Spirit week has come and gone but what a week it was! Our theme this year was SEALS: Students Everyday Achieving Learning  and Success.  The dress up days are listed above,and we had a midweek pep rally in order to pump up the kids.

Our local high school came over with their band and cheerleaders, and our kids sat wide-eyed watching their every move. We also had some connections with the Navy and had a Lieut. General come and speak to our students! 

On Thursday morning, the leadership team made breakfast for the whole staff including waffles and (turkey) sausage...attempting to save a calorie here and there:). 

We can't control the testing but we can control our attitude! It was a great week and I'm thankful for camaraderie! 

I should've been a cheerleader, 
Your Floridian chick!

Our Head Chef!