Monday, April 13, 2015

Building teacher self-esteem

Outside my principals office is this board you see to the right.  She created it to show off great things that are happening all over our school. I have loved seeing teachers reactions as they see their work presented- almost like students! There 2 major results that come from this little board: 1. It shines light on great things that teachers are doing. 2. It builds self esteem in teachers, because after all, they need it too!

 I think it's interesting that it is coming from the principals perspective. This sheds a lot of light on what is important to her- clearly the teachers self esteem, but also that she is proud of what she is helping to foster here at school each day. If this board had come from me/ the school counselor, I think it would mean something different to the teachers. When it comes from the princiapl- AKA THE BOSS- it shows that she is taking the time to care. 

I hope you can easily implement this board at your school- it takes a few minutes to make, and has helped spread the positive vibes that every school needs.

You're never too old for a self esteem booster, 
Your Floridian chick