Sunday, April 5, 2015

Well it all started with an idea and a BIG closet...

Ladies and gents,
She has done it again! Our wonderful paraprofessional, Ms. Riley dressed up every single day of March for National Women's History month. I don't know which to be more impressed by: her creativity or the size of her closet?!

Some of the outfits she chose included Hillary Clinton, Bessie Coleman, Margaret Thatcher, Coretta Scott King,... the list goes on and on but I learned a thing or two about how important women are to our history,  and I am thankful for her passion and vision for our students.

My father referred to her as a "true educator" and I couldn't agree more- Ms. R- thanks for doing.... YOU! 

Sad to see March go and wondering what she will wear in April?!,
Your Floridian chick