Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yoga + counseling

I love when I meet someone and am immediately impressed by their poise, leadership skills, and authenticity. The trainer at the Trauma Informed Yoga was all this and more. She shared great information about the benefits of yoga and how to actually implement it at our school.

Here are some of her hand outs shown below. What I love about a good training is when I can actually TAKE something away with me when I go- and I'm not talking about paperwork. I took away tangible lessons on what to do in a yoga group, the postures, the movements, the names, and then the research behind it that proves it can be effective. 

I am thinking of incorporating yoga into its own small group. Right now, I use yoga at the end of small groups and we do one or two positions (stances, movement-what are they called yogis?), but to have an entire small group dedicated to yoga could lead to more calmness in the students, coping skills, and more control of their actions.  The trainer also talked about "journal-ing" after which I LOVE personally and professionally to do.
I hope this channels your inner yogi to drop a mat, and get your students to yoga with YA! If you aren't sure how powerful yoga is, check here:)  to see for yourself!  A HUGE thank you for The Children's Commission of Jacksonville for allowing us to visit- I will definitely be back soon!

Namaste (see what I did  there?!),

Your (more relaxed) Floridian chick