Sunday, May 3, 2015

Intern needed:)

After 3 years of working in this district, I was offered the opportunity to attend our Certified Educator Training (CET). 2 days, and a few friends later, I can now be on the hunt for a school counseling intern for next year.

I love what I do, and part of me feels a little selfish not wanting to give up any part of my role, BUT when I look at what my internship supervisors did for me, my hope is to give a little advice and show my intern what this role entails.
  • To my previous supervisors- I have HUGE shoes to fill. Yes, I will be calling you for advice and yes, I will be thinking of you consistently as I give feedback.
  • To my future intern(s)- let's have some fun, and learn together how to be better each day! 
  • To current supervisors out there: Any advice? What does this role look like in your building?

Summer is creeping in...,
Your Floridian chick