Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ASCA15 Session Take-Aways

I am finally sitting down to write this, after a long day of starring at this computer screen for my summer job (posting soon about that one too!), but if I don't get this post out soon- the school year will be here and we will be spinning our wheels to get things moving!

SO- if you were not able to get to ASCA15, you saved your skin from burning (it was H-O-T!), and probably some money, but I can say from the girl who hates to be hot, and who has a tight budget- it was ALL worth it. While state conferences are great, having ideas/plans/networking from around the country, you are able to take your program to the next level and learn outside the (state) box. 

The following are the sessions I attended and 2-3 main ideas that YOU can USE at your school. While I love theory- I feel that at a conference, I am there for tangible, usable ideas that I can turn around the use the next day (in this case, that would be August... but you get the idea).

Her Contact Info:)
School Counseling with heART with Julie Ford (Oregon): This woman was SO funny- you can tell she loves what she does. She had great ideas but here were my favorites:
  • Pre/post data-using students pictures, scales, circling how they feel before and after.  
  • Postcard to yourself- decorate the front, message on the back to encourage yourself. 
  • Goal setting- Vision board for long or short term goals, mind mapping (like a word web, but with pictures), shields,
  • Coping Skills- Mandalas, Zentangle/Doodle Art, Mad Sticks: Pipe cleaner and beads- put the beads on, and then take them off- count while you are doing it, helps to calm down students.
Career Exploration with Cartoons:
I never thought to use cartoons but it can be such a simple idea with YouTube!
Key Takeaways:
  • Use characters that mirror your population (This makes perfect sense, but I had not made the connection until they shared this.). 
  • Paws in Jobland- Free website, great for primary grades. 
  • movie segments for class guidance. Bubble Guppies, Nick Junior STEM, Fairly Odd Parents, Boy meets World, Hey! It's Arnold- ALL of these have career episodes/segments you can use!
  • Connecting to the content: career days, Get everyone involved (music class can make a jingle for a new product, family consumer science can have a bake sale, art classes can do advertising, PTA can get donations from the community)
How to make your own Webinar:
Webinars can be great for any age groups- either for parents/community for elementary grades, or for your students in middle/high school. People are busy- if you give them an online option, they will be able to connect to your information at a time that is convenient for them. 
  • Google Hangouts- anyone can view these as long as they have the internet. This is what they recommended. You will need a Gmail account for this. If you don't already have gmail- I highly recommend it. 
  • Screen-cast-o-matic- records what you are doing on your computer for up to 15 minutes. If you are doing a powerpoint, you can have the audience look at your presentation and you can go to different screens/websites- all recording step by step processes. 
  • Educreations and sceenr are free as well
  • Padlet and Linoit are both online bulletin boards that people can write questions and you can answer them. 
Solution Focused Sessions- I went to two on this topic because it has so many tangible take-aways. One was strictly a list of activities to do, and the other was more macro/big picture thinking. 
  • Using scales: Thermostats, 1-10 Small-large, drawing a line. inflating/deflating a balloon. This can help us understand where they are coming from. 
  • Future thinking- what do you want to happen? What would you like instead of the problem? Write a letter to the future you. 
  • Drawing- picking colors that reflect each feeling, drawing your future. 
  • Using their hands/object to describe their situation. 

The other solution focused session focused on the big picture:
  • Moving forward- lets look for small changes, not big ones. 
  • Success comes in the CANS, not the CANNOTS.
  • The way you see the problem- is the problem.  Look at the times that the student has been doing a great job, not the times when the student has been getting in trouble. 

Blah to Blazing presentation skills: I loved this one, the 3 presenters truly have their heart in what they do, and did a great job sharing their information. 
  • Blah: unfocused presentation, no agent, trying to cover too much, overloaded presentation, reading the powerpoint (my biggest pet peeve!)
  • BLAZING!: Find your strength and build off of it. Command control- be powerful! Dress to impress- sometimes we think we are standing in front of your peers (faculty), so we don't need to look professional, but WE DO! The simple rule is to dress one level "up" from your audience. Use analogies   to communicate what you are saying. Speak slowly- even if it does not feel normal, we tend to get excited/nervous when we are in the spotlight. Finally- create a memorable quote- something to leave your audience with that captures your message. 
OH I could go on and on about more sessions but these stood out to me as a few of my favorites If you were at #ASCA15, which ones were your favorite? 

You better believe you will be seeing me in New Orleans for ASCA16!

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