Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back at it for 2015-16: Pre-Plan Tools

Pre-plan is a time for teachers to set up their room, meet the new teachers, and organize their summer brains just in time for the students to walk in the door.  It is great to have a burst of positive energy on Day 1 to set the mood for what the year will be like. We were fortunate enough to have the author Jon Gordon who wrote The Energy Bus come speak to our entire staff! He lives in our town and came to share about the power of positive thinking and living. Even if you do not have the author come to visit your school, the book is great for the staff! It focuses on 10 ways to approach life and work with a positive mentality. Each staff member was given the book, and each classroom was given the children's version of the book.

In addition to our positive burst of energy, we were given a wonderful breakfast by the Parent's association which gave us a little pep in our step as we got back into the groove of the school year. 
"Refuel Station"

I attached this to Kit Kats for everyone
On the second day of our pre-plan, we were given snacks (do you notice a trend here?!), that were set up in the faculty kitchen. I may or may not have stopped by a time or two to "check things out"... and was very appreciative of what the administration did to make us smile. I also left a Kit Kat treat in every staff member's box to introduce myself/my program, and start to build communication.

Lastly, I made an iMovie for my staff: Pre-Plan 2015-2016. I went around the school and took pictures so everyone would be able to the other rooms. This is a great way to show all the creative things that are occurring in just 5 days!

So in conclusion, here are my tips of pre-plan week:
1. Have a burst of happiness via a theme, a book, a speaker,  or idea.
2. Feed them well.... and often!
3. Document the great work your staff is doing!

If you do only these 3 things, I am sure you will see smiling faces, and full bellies. 

Bring it on 15-16, we're ready for ya!

Your Floridian Chick!