Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Public Speaking Tips!

Back to school night can be a knee shaking, teeth chattering, scary night for some teachers. Administration asked me to share a few tips and tricks on public speaking and ways to help teachers make the most out of their Back to School Night!

I did a Prezi on Public Speaking that you are more than welcome to check out! The tips/tricks are as follows:

The real deal: Statistics: 74% of people are scared of public speaking, it is the greatest fear that people have, even more than death!

Before the hellos: 
  • Play Music to ease the otherwise stale environment.
  • Stand by the door and greet people before they approach you.
  • Use name tags! Everyone feels more welcome when you call them by name.
  • Proximity Control with your audience
  1. Involve your audience (using technology or a game).
  2. Use your strengths, play to them, and move away from your areas that need improving. 
  3. Command control & power of the room. This can happen through a variety of ways- what we wear, our tone, our body language. 
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Take-aways are important, for some reason, people like leaving with a tangible object. 
  1. Use too much text
  2. No agenda
  3. too much detail. Parents are there for the overview, not every detail. 
Please feel free to use this Prezi with your staff as they prepare for their back to school night! 

Publicly speaking away,

Your Floridian Chicka!