Friday, December 18, 2015

FISH Small group

One of the best parts about this role is having the opportunity to meet with students small groups to work on specific skills. During the last few weeks, I have been working with second grade girls on friendship skills and appropriate ways to communicate with others. I named our group FISH- Friends In School Helping. Throughout our 5 weeks together, we created an ocean for our fish and added to the ocean each time.  I connected with the teachers and asked for names of students who, they thought, would benefit from some extra TLC. After getting the names, I sent home permission slips. We met during lunch every week for 5 weeks, this way, they did not miss any class time, and still got to socialize. Here is what we did:

Week 1:Introduction
Set foundation for the group, times, dates, who was involved. We created "ideas" (rules!) for the group and what would help us be the best group we could be. We also made our own personal fish to swim in our ocean.

Week 2: Reviewed the rules, went around the circle and said what their favorite thing to do at recess was. We did a friendship puzzle, where each person got a puzzle piece; they had to work together to put their puzzle together. We debriefed who was a leader, who helped, and what role each person played in solving the puzzle. After, we played "friendship fuss", each person read a scenario of a friendship problem and they had to solve the problem with possible solutions. At the end, we put one starfish each in the ocean, with a friendship quality on each one:)

Week 3: Coral Coping skills! This is such a fun activity that adds so much to the ocean. We drew coral, using our hands- with big extensions for the fingers (see picture), on each finger tip, each person brainstormed 5 coping skills they could use to solve problems with a friend (ie-share, be nice, take turns, use kind words).

Week 4: relationSHIPS!- We started off talking about what relationships are, and who we have them with (family, friends, classmates, animals, etc). Each pair got a "ship", on the top of the ship, they brainstormed ideas about ways to be a  good friend, on the bottom, were traits that were not good for friendships.

Week 5:Inside Out- We watched a few clips of Inside Out, and talked about expressing ourselves. From there, we played charades for emotions. They could not use their voice, only their body to express their feelings.  We also look at who made faces on their original fish. Some change their faces, others keep them the way they are.

I hope you can use these ideas as you make small groups. Having a name for each group helps SO much for organization and camaraderie!

We end each group with a  FISH cheer:)

Swimming away,
Your Flordian chick!

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