Monday, February 22, 2016

Coping frisbee small group lesson

One of the many reasons I love small groups is that each one has their own little personality; some groups are timid, others I cannot get to stop talking, some are sweet, while others are more headstrong. One group that I recently worked with was very competitive. They loved all things sports, and wanted to win at every game they played.

I did a lesson on coping skills to calm our bodies down. I knew this group needed it (who doesn't!), and wanted to get the point across, but still keep them interested. I have seen many lessons using paper plates (cheap, or free if they are in the cafeteria:)) and drawing faces on them.  This group wanted nothing to do with art, or drawing so I knew that lesson would not work.

Instead, I used the paper plates as frisbees! We talked about playing sports and how frustrated/upset we can feel when we lose, or when the ref calls us on a play. They could easily point out dozens of times they were mad over sports. We then talked about what WE can do (not mom/dad/coach) to calm ourselves down in order to get back to the game.


1. Discuss what coping skills are/are not.
2. Have students give their own ideas of tools they use to calm down.
3. Play BINGO  using coping skills- I made mine here: (.
4. After BINGO, have students generate THEIR best 8 strategies that they would want to use when they need to calm down.
5. Each child gets a paper plate- they divide the plate into 8 sections and write down their strategies.
6. Discuss- look for similarities and differences
7. PLAY Frisbee and have them run around- our students need to get out and play every once in a while!

This is all done in about 35 minutes, during their lunch time.

I read a great article on why play is so important, and for this group- it is imperative that they get out and run a little. I end the lunch on a high note for them, and ask them to use their strategies this week and let me know how it goes!

Hope this helps!

Running from Frisbee to Frisbee,

Your FL Chick!

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