Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bringing video games to school (yes you read that correctly!)

The students have told me about their love for video games, so I thought I would bring video games to them! In one of my small group lessons for older elementary school boys, we talked about self-control. When we play video games, we use the controller to direct when we start, stop, pause, move, etc. We also have an internal “controller” in our brain that can help us when we are experiencing a problem. Each person was given a “PS5 controller" (No, not Play Station! This is Positive Support for 5th graders!) and we talked about how we can use the buttons in our brains.  
-What can do when we feel like we are out of control? We might get mad, angry, sad, upset, etc. We discussed the following “buttons” when we need our self-control:

  • Pause - count to 10, take deep breaths, THINK- what are my options?
  • Fast Forward- If you want to get away from a situation, what can you do to move past it?
  • Remind- If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
  • Play- Use when you know what to do. Go PLAY!
  • Stop/end- use when you are done- walk away, change thoughts to something else
  • The handle- what can you hold on to for support? Name 3+ people you can go to.

It was interesting to see which buttons they said they could use most, and which ones they never use. The attachment below will show you what the control looks like.  I also let them choose some of their own buttons to see what they would come up with. I got some amazing ideas! From walk away button, breathe button, a sync button (creative), and many more! 

The kids loved it and I have been using the language with them ever since.

Who knew students would be “playing” video games at school?! 

Video Gamer for life,
Your Floridian Chick!

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