Monday, April 4, 2016

Eating Fruit Every Day

They say to go out on a limb, because that it where all the fruit it.  My mentality has long been this, but more recently, I have been asking myself- What's the worst that can happen? What if I go out on that limb, what is the worst thing that can happen? 
I have tried small groups, classroom lessons and individual counseling skills that have been a huge successful, but also an awful disaster. Through the disasters, I always learned something and humbled myself (quite a bit!) after the dust has settled. 

SO I went out of a limb and tried out for something that (I think) I am very under qualified for. I have lived in Florida almost 4 years, have been a school counselor almost 4 years, and have been involved in multiple school counseling organizations/events. 4 years is a short time though.. I feel like I just started, and sometimes I feel like I am still learning the ropes through difficult situations. 

SO, like I said, I went out on a limb and applied for a board position in my state organization. 14 people hold board positions, each having  3 year term. Everyone else had their doctorates, or were working towards completion, OR held the highest position in their county as a "head" of counseling. 

I applied the end of February, waited until elections opened, waited until elections closed, and then waited for results. It turns out I WON! I will start my term on the FSCA board July 1, and will (hopefully) be able to make some headway on providing tangible, useful curriculum for counselor's, and maybe even do a little advocating where we need to, to get counselors.. COUNSELING! 

So thank you to anyone who voted- I am ecstatic beyond belief. I want to sink my teeth into this and make a positive change.  See you July 1 FSCA!


Your Floridian Boardin' Chick!

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