Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making our health a priority

I love this job, sometimes I forget where work ends and where my regular life begins. I spend hours outside of school looking up new lessons, reading research on the latest skills, finding new blogs on what other counselors are doing. I guess it has really become more of a passion than just a job these days.

Part of the problem when you are passionate about what you do, is when you are not doing it, you feel a little lost. This week, I am feeling just that. I came down with an M.S. attack that has put me on disability this week. As counselors, we know we can easily get 10,000 steps before lunch is over each day. Yet this week has been different, I have made my goal less than 2,000 steps per day... my fatigue has taken over, my legs are frail, and my head is pounding, and to be honest, I felt... sad.

BUT then I come back to the coping skills we teach our students every single day. We talk about being mindful, taking care of ourselves, and teaching them to understanding their own emotions. I am taking the saying "practice what you preach" to an all new level. I have been resting, sleeping, journaling, and meditating.

Being mindful is hard work! I downloaded the app Headspace and it has truly been a challenge to get started each day. This has helped me tremendously throughout the week, as well as some good ol' fashioned sleep and rest. A very smart and amazing friend in my life shared this Happiness article with me, and it has lit a positive fire in me to look at my MS journey as an adventure, not as a a struggle.

From this week, I have learned (again!) how well the Lord provides exactly what I need, when I need it. To my sweet friend, thank you for your positive ways. To my MS, I know we will meet again, but I am always a little stronger each time you return. There is a reason why perseverance is part of every character education program. Perseverance makes us bigger, better, and wiser than we were before.

Good night my friends, may you appreciate all the gifts you are given, even when they aren't wrapped up the way you would have liked them.

Rest well,

Your Floridian Chick

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